21 Life Lessons


Happy birthday to me! I’m typically not big on birthdays and today really isn’t any different but I had the urge to blog about it anyway. What better way to celebrate than to share what I’ve learned in these 7,665 days of existence? Keep in mind none of this is earth shattering or new, just a few of my favorite observances.

21. Do the little things right.

“Don’t sweat the small things,” just pay enough attention to do them flawlessly, people will notice. I recently lost an internship because one word was misspelled in an email. It matters.

20. Remember why.

That is, remember why you love your spouse. Remember why you’re passionate about your purpose in life. Remember why you get up every day. Savor the whys.


19. Work hard.

You may not be smarter, faster, or stronger than someone but if you have more heart and put in more effort no one can beat you.

18. Keep things in perspective.

Always ask yourself “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” Typically it’s not that bad. I will admit I’ve not always been great at this and the little things still get to me sometimes but I’ve certainly been better since moving from home.

17. Experts aren’t nearly as intimidating as you think they are.

People are typically super nice and will help in any way they can. This includes but not limited to CEOs in your desired field, professors, parents of friends (yes, they’re experts too),and your own parents!

16. Listen.

Most often people who come to you just want you to listen. If they want your advice they’ll ask.


15. Limits are lies.

World records are beat everyday and some people are unaware of handicaps until someone else tells them. Life is about defying what you think you can’t do – you CAN do anything!! (Just seek proper medical advice, please.)

14. Pay attention to negative feedback.

Most of the time it’s well-intended and it will always make you better.

13. Be positive.

It makes the best and worst parts of life better – really.

12. Accept unconditionally, at least your kids.

You can unconditionally love someone and still not accept them, don’t forget to remind those who matter they’re accepted. Kuddos to my parents for reminding me I am loved and accepted no matter what. There are things that people do to you that should not stand for but you can still accept, just walk away too.

11. Invest time in people.

They matter most and time is the best way to show them. Some of my favorite memories are sitting down at dinner with my mom, no-tech dates, and holidays surrounded by family. Savor the time you’re given.

10. Get to know the stranger in line.

Notice I did not say on the bus or in an alley. You should probably keep to yourself if you’re in those situations! Getting to know other people’s stories is an amazing way to travel the world by staying right next home, we all come to our place in life via the path we take. You will always gain perspective.


09. Be kind.

Along the lines of #10, don’t forget everyone has his or her own path. Be respectful of that and be kind to everyone regardless of your bad day.

08. Don’t forget to live.

Build your career and make your mark but don’t forget to do the things that truly make you feel alive. Skydiving anyone?

07. Never stop learning.

I have a professor who constantly reminds his students that “the day you stop learning you start dying.” A little morbid maybe there’s truth in it too, you will never know anything but you might as well die trying learn as much as you can. Always seek out new experiences.

06. Spend time in the ocean.

It will remind you how small you really are. Now take that feeling and multiply that by infinity, infinity works like zero. Anything multiplied by zero equals zero, anything multiplied by infinity equals infinity. The first time I realized this was in 7th grade general science – it was mind blowing (and still is).


05. Allow yourself to be curious.

Most often this is how your passion starts. I wonder if there is more land than England…turns out there is.

04. Spend time with the elderly.

They’ve made all the mistakes you are about to, they can probably give you a few pointers.

03. Be honest.

Life is hard enough without keeping up with lies. Keep it simple by keeping it honest. When you do lie, fess up.

02. You are beautiful.

Just the way you are. Your flaws make you intrinsically beautiful. Men, you are beautiful too.


01. God is on your side.

No matter the battle He will always be pulling for you and therefore you cannot lose.

Yes, I know I’m just a baby myself but I love to learn what I haven’t already (which just so happens to be a whole lot) so leave a comment.

What’s your advice? Your favorite life lesson?

8 thoughts on “21 Life Lessons

  1. Love this list so much – great things you’ve learned and continue to carry throughout life! May your day be sweet and just the start of another good year. :)

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