Marathon Monday: Headed into the Holidays

Eeek! It’s almost here! With Thanksgiving only three days away and Christmas sneaking around the corner at twenty-nine days I’m starting to panic! I have never trained 110% through the winter and I cannot mess up this one! Thankfully I have a coach and two races this Spring to keep me moving.

The “dreadmill” and I are spending lots of time together lately, I truthfully don’t mind it – at all.



Runfession: I like the treadmill. Yes, I drive the 3.5 miles to the gym in below freezing weather to run on the treadmill, if that didn’t give you a heart attack get this – I like it.

Alright, enough taunting trail runners everywhere, you’re much tougher than I.

Last Monday: ended up being prescribed six miles so that’s what happened

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 4 treadmill miles (loved it).

Thursday: 30 mins CT, Yoga. Did that on the treadmill too – skill. Kidding, that would…interesting.

Friday: 4 treadmill miles, easy enough. I used this as a bit of a speed workout since the treadmill really makes me/you go at the actual belt pace.

Saturday: The training plan said rest so I did.

Sunday: 30 mins on the stationary bike and 7 mile long run on the treadmill. It sounded fun pre-workout, I was wobbly getting off the treadmill, ha. It was fun.

(Sunday is NOT a recommended workout, I was only suppose to do one or the other but I did both because I’m overzealous – oh well.)

Monday: Just got an email from Coach inviting me to spin. Hm. Probably going to happen!


I love love love this:


Happy Monday! Go move!

Do you guys have a tough time getting through the winter? How do you combat it?

10 thoughts on “Marathon Monday: Headed into the Holidays

  1. I trained outside last winter and there were some rough days where I had to jump over icy patches and hope I wasn’t about to break my back. I don’t say that to sound all cool or anything. But I really do hate treadmills, so what else was I supposed to do? Last night here it was 32 (felt like 24 apparently, oosh) and it really wasn’t too bad to run in. I don’t know if you like to get hot when you run (I hate it) but if you’re okay with being chilly it’s totally ok! I’m sure SL gets some of that ouchy snowy weather. But you just be sure you’ve got some full-length running leggings, a few long sleeve shirts, and you’ll be good to go. Unless you just love the dreadmill, in which case keep on keeping on =)

    • I’m typically an outdoor snob but have really been taken with the treadmill lately and it’s a lot of fun to do speed work on occasionally! It’s typically about 10 degrees cooler here, tights are my favorite!! Thank you for the tips ma’am!

  2. I live in Florida, so I train mostly during the winter months because it’s nicer. I usually run on the treadmill in the summer when it’s 90+ degrees outside. It’s definitely not my favorite place to run, but I find that it’s a nice break every once in a while from my mundane usual neighborhood route. An iPad with a movie usually helps too!

    • Oy! I’m sure it’s beautiful this time of year but 90+ is about when I head inside too. That’s a good idea! I heard the other night of someone using audiobooks too!

  3. I totally understand your affection for the mill. I started as a mill runner. Over the winter when I really want to hit a certain pace, I am on the mill as well. No shame in milling IMO. : )

  4. haha! I actually like / don’t mind treadmill running either. I had 3 on the schedule today and wussed out because it was dark and too cold so treadmill it was! Was in and out quickly :) But I am a winter runner – love the colder air!

    • Winter running makes me feel so alive and I get it completely but you’re 100% correct in that it’s so much easier (and less scary) to get on the treadmill some days!

  5. I have never trained through the winter and dislike the cold so I’m still on the treadmill. However, after spending spring and summer running outside, I’m not liking it like you are.

    I feel like I should know this but…what is CT?

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