Foodie Friday!

Happy Black Friday!! I hope everyone got the deals and steals you were hoping for today! Bringing you a fun, foodie post (sensing a theme lately?) again today!! I hope you gobble this one up too ;)

What could possibly be better than having a pen pal?! Having one that sends you food!
Oh yeah. It’s great! Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean started the program back in 2011 “from a random idea” where bloggers and readers are matched with other bloggers and readers to send foodie care packages to one another – sweet!
November was my first month and I got paired with Erin from I Am Getting It Together and without further ado here’s what she sent me. Well kinda…Foodie Pen Pals 1
I couldn’t help but love the washi tape she used! Super cute!!
Inside she had stuffed the box with yummy yummy goodies:
foodie pen pals 3
Tea, dried fruit, and my absolute favorite – honey bunnies!First up? The tea! Now, I have never had more than a sip of tea in life and didn’t really know how well it was going to go. Luckily my husband is a tea connoisseur so I had helping hand along the way!
photo 3
I flipped on the Kuerig, slipped in the bag, and let’r steep. So I might have gotten impatient or maybe I truly don’t like tea but whatever the case it just wasn’t my cup of tea (ha, that was an accident!). Hubby still hasn’t tried it but we have friends who love tea so it’ll stay around for sure!
Next? Quaker Real Medleys bars – uh YUM! Now these aren’t vegan (they contain honey) but are really good! Erin sent me the Cherry  Pistachio bars and they’re just the perfect mixture of sweet and savory. As good as these are they’re up in the cabinet for the hubby!
photo 4One thing he doesn’t get to cash in on are what I like to call honey bunnies. These aren’t vegan either but the box was empty before I even knew what had gotten into me. Oops. Annie’s Bunny Grahams. They’re that good.
photo 1

Last but not least she included dried fruit! Pineapples and strawberry strips! Yum!

photo 2

That concludes this month’s Foodie Friday post :)
I haven’t decided if I will participate again, food shopping for a vegan isn’t easy! If you’re interested in joining click the button below and sign up already!! Packages won’t be sent out in December but it’ll resume in January so hop on board and who knows we might get paired!! Scary thought, huh? ;)

The Lean Green Bean


What looks yummy to you? What would you send your partner?

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