Facing a Possible DNS…Again

You’re welcome for an extra post this week ;)

DNS: Do/Did not start.

It’s 9:30 and I’m sitting down to write this as I decide whether to leave to go to my race this weekend or not. Quite frankly it sucks. The imminent threat of a DNS for a second time this winter is taking a toll on me. Sure, both are out of my control but it’s getting to my head. My first DNS back in December was when I flew out to California to be with my family as we mourned the loss of my grandfather and in all honesty I would not trade that for a shiny piece of bling or anything else for that matter. TITAN is now icing and snowing it’s way across the Midwest and seems determined to beat me out of running. I, however, would like to shove snow right upnever mind me, I would like to run. More than anything I would like to get down there, run the 13.1 from start to finish Sunday and drive a little too fast (just kidding Mom) to get back in time for school on Monday.

Honestly this is the perfect time for a time machine. Really guys, I have the best readers so if you could whip up a quick little time machine I’d be real cool with that, especially if it had funky monkey wallpaper in it! That’d be great!


Let this be a lie. Please?

PS Did I mention that this storm is called Titan?! TITAN?! Whattt?! If I were a storm (let’s just be hypothetical here) I’d want my name to be Titan, just saying.


Cold air in the South? Hm. Must mean it’s going to be the Polapocalypse.

I know, I’ve gotten a little gloomy on the blog lately – let’s blame the weather but I really love running and training and being more active than ever. I love love love it. With my first half marathon pending this weekend, my first marathon in about a month, my second 50k this September, and my first Ironman in the plans I could not be more excited. Too top all that I will be learning how to ride a bike (yes, you read that right) and taking you along for the ride – it’s sure to be interesting or at least entertaining!!

I’ll make a (hopefully sane) judgement call tomorrow morning after I get out of class about 11, with any luck I’ll be on the road. I’m packing tonight and have prepped all week like I’m going. I have also been running/biking/swimming this week since it’s not technically not taper week I’m “running through the taper” but still have taper jitters.

Eek! Dealing with said jitters have been an extremely delicate matter. I’ve been eating everything in sight, have spent several classes actually standing and very fidgety, even when I went into the Foundation (where I spent my volunteer hours) I could hardly sit still. Alas I made it through the day and am looking forward to the weekend, whatever it may hold!

Can it hold this?


…or 80% of this?!


Ha, yeah. I’m a huge Big Bang fan
and let’s be real, Ryan Gosling can make anyone run faster!

What’s the plan?

  • Get to Arkansas Friday night,
  • Meet Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea (authors of Run Like A Mother), Andrew Starykowicz (pro triathlete), and Bart Yasso (CRO of Runner’s World). Yeah, the Little Rock Marathon has a great lineup and I’m pumped to be in the same room as each!
  • Run (fast) Sunday,
  • Get back in time for class Monday morning.

Yeah, so that’s it! I’m going to pray about it, hope I don’t get stuck in north Arkansas/southern Missouri, and pack for an awesome race this weekend!

Thanks for hearing me out and I hope you guys will share your thoughts! Have you ever faces a DNS? In a race or in life?! How’d you make the decision?

5 thoughts on “Facing a Possible DNS…Again

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  2. Oh I hope you get the race in! I should have DNS’d my first marathon (Chicago ’07) because it was 93 degrees with 90% humidity but I didn’t know any better. They ended up cancelling the race when I was at mile 22 of sheer hell but I’d come too far not to finish. This year has been horrendous. I DNS’d a race earlier this month because it was snowy and well below zero. Sucks though.

  3. I hope you had a great race! I had so many friends go down for that race and they had a wonderful time, and wow that medal was huge!!!

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