Gettin’ Busy

Oy, it’s past my bedtime! Yours too? Great we can sleep deprive ourselves together ;) Let’s get to chatting!


I’ve noticed Coffee Dates going around the Space again, I thought I’d kinda join in, in the dip my toe into the lake to see if the crocodile bites it off kinda way. You guys are not nearly as scaly or scary as crocodiles (usually) but anyway…

Who else is too busy being awesome? Hop on train and let’s forget the million and one things to do tomorrow (which so happens to Monday in two hours my time but you have more or less time than even I!) so what’s up? I suppose I’ll spill first, you’re not off the hook though!

As I sit down at the end of what has been a seemingly long season on busy I am finally realizing just how much I miss writing, blogging, and influencing.

Lately (the last month) I have been MIA from the blog and pretty sporadic on other social media. It has been largely unintentional and tonight is a completely organic, gotta get it off my chest kind of post. Bear with me.

School, extracurriculars, and life in general has been ever demanding which is good, great really but dang! Being so busy has me prioritizing more than ever and although the blog isn’t the shining star in my life it used to be you guys and TSP are far from the bottom. I love working out, I love writing, and above all I love meeting the people behind the scene, er, screen.

I attended Bloggy Bootcamp yesterday and picked up A Journal of Intention and Change diary/notebook – sounds daunting, huh? Although the Bootcamp wasn’t perfect (more on that later) it helped renew my sense of purpose and reminded me that my happiness (as a blogger) matters. I need to continue to do what makes me me because I’m awesome and I should be busy being awesome. In comes the journal. My first page already has “Starting today I will…become a more conscious influencer.” What does that really mean? I’m going to clear the gunk out of my life in order to make time for what matters. School and family will always come first and yes, I will most certainly miss a post here and there but this is my renewed 2014 resolution and blogging is what’s becoming important to me.

It’s not really about me, it’s not really about the blog, it’s about being present and never getting too busy to go to the City Museum at 9PM on a Saturday night (happened) or too caught up to look back and realize the first three months of the new year weren’t nearly as productive as you had hoped (guilty).

Instead of the ever popular coffee date hop can we call this Margarita Monday? High Ball Hour? Sangria Sunday? Cocktail Confessions? And have these raw, unconventional but appropriate conversations more often?

PS chocolate milk is an appropriate substitute.

so busy but ok

What would your Cocktail Confession look like?

Is there anything you just need to get off your chest or maybe busy is your season too?

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